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Thin blade slitter scocer

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ZQS 薄刀電調縱切壓痕機 Thin blade slitter scocer


ZQS 薄刀電調縱切壓痕機 Thin blade slitter scocer

ZQS 薄刀電調縱切壓痕機 Thin blade slitter


1. 設計速度:120m/min

2. 有效寬度:1400mm-2200mm

3. 刀輪配置:四刀六線、五刀八線、六刀十線。

4. 采用新穎薄刀高速切紙,切口平整且光滑。

5. 自動磨刀系統能實現生產過程中,不停機修磨刀片,氣動控制磨刀裝


6. 整體電動橫移,有效配合紙板跑偏。

Use and Characteristics:

1. Design speed: 120m/min

2. Effective width: 1400mm-2200mm

3. Knife wheel configuration: four knives, six lines, five knives 

eight, six knives ten lines.

4. grinding knife blade, pneumatic control knife device, can be 

based on the material or the repair condition at any time to set 

the interval meter and the time of grinding knife.

5. Overall electric horizontal shift, effectively matching the 

cardboard running deviation.

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